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Booking Shifts Has Never Been Easier

Using our mobile responsive platform, you can easily book shifts in a moment's notice with your phone, laptop, or tablet. Say goodbye to last minute phone calls, texts, and emails, and hello to hassle-free bookings for your full-time or on-demand workforce.
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Instantly Fill Shifts In A Moment's Notice

We have all been there before: someone calls in sick and suddenly we have to have to run around, send texts, make phone calls, and send emails to fill that newly open shift fast.

Eliminate the need for last-minute phone calls, texts, and emails.

Simply create a new shift and we notify your workforce to fill shifts faster than ever before.

“Filling a shift used to take me a ton of back and forth; calling, emailing and texting nurses. With Instastaff, I can automate this and fill shifts in just a few taps of my phone.”

Warrick Smelker, Snapnurse, Account Manager

Take Control Of Your Staff Selections

Gone are the days of sending out blast notifications to your entire staff to fill a shift, or manually selecting your favorites.

Now you can automatically send notifications to pre-selected favorites.

Exclude people from certain facilities and sort your staff by their star rating.

“InstaStaff created the booking platform that gave me the control I need over my staff selection.”

David Votta, Northside Hospital, HR Operations Manager

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Increase Your Job Applicants By 1.9x & Cut Turnover By 41% By Offering Instant Payments

Studies have shown that companies that offer instant payments boost their job applicants by 1.9x and cut their turnover by 41%. InstaStaff enables you to offer your staff to get paid immediately after you've approved a shift, making your staff happier and making recruitment & retention easy.

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We offer a free integrations and set up for qualifying companies.
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"Different from the cluttered category of personal finance apps, flexible-pay or “earned-wage” options enable workers to access their earnings early. Let’s say you’re on a two-week pay cycle, and your rent is due in six days. Because your wife recently got sick, she can’t contribute to the rent payment this month. Using a flexible-pay app, employees can withdraw their earned wages when they need it, instead of waiting until the end of the pay cycle to access the money."

Jeff Kauflin, Forbes Staff

Instantly Boost Job Retention & Satisfaction

Give your workers financial peace of mind, knowing that for a small fee, they can get paid right away after a shift rather than waiting weeks for a paycheck.


87% of instant payment users say they are more motivated to come to work.


Companies have seen, on average, a 41% reduction in turnover with instant payments.


People are 1.9x more likely to apply for a job that pays instantly.

How It Works

To access instant payments, staff members simply connect their debit card.

When timecards are approved, staff members are asked if they'd like to get paid instantly.

Staff then can approve the transaction and have access to their money in less than 30 minutes.

Platform PH

“Instant Payments were key to us becoming the fastest growing per diem nurse staffing agency in Atlanta. They instantly made us more attractive to nurses than our competition. We often had to turn off our recruiting efforts because the word of mouth from nurses was so strong. Staffing agencies not using Instant Payments will be left behind.”

Kirk Martin, CFO, Snapnurse

Take Full Control of Instant Payments & Your Margins

You are in the driver's seat with Instant Payments.

Using Instant Payments, you can adjust your convenience fee, enabling you to increase or decrease your gross margin with just a few clicks.

Additionally, you can add in buffers, making only a certain percentage of a staff's income available immediately.

This is perfect for risk management, timecard discrepancies or where timecard transparency is low.

Attract More Staff Than Ever Before

Offering Instant Payments is a proven way to attract new staff.

Companies that offer instant payments attract nearly twice (1.9x) the amount of applicants, removing the booking bottlenecks of unfilled shifts and enabling you to pick the best of the best.

Studies also show that staff who use InstaPay are more motivated to come to work and stay around longer.

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Fast & Seamless Credentialing Without All The Paperwork Or Follow Up

Using our mobile responsive, staff-facing platform, you can enable professionals to fully credential themselves without the need for constant intervention or manual reminders.

The result? Faster on-boarding and less administrative headache.
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The Easiest Way to
Credential Staff

Credential your staff by offering a fully self-service, secure platform that is available from any device with an internet connection.

Give yourself or your clients instant access to the most up-to-date records without having to chase down missing files.

We make staying compliant a breeze.

SnapNurse Credentialing

Effortlessly Track, Store & Keep Credentials Up to Date

View and filter all of your staff that has been fully credentialed.

Automatically notify your staff when they need to update their credentials without having to manually call or email them.

Access their latest documents without having to upload them yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the team behind InstaStaff?
The team behind InstaStaff are veterans of the staffing industry; running staff at hospitals as a senior executive, growing the fastest-growing staffing agency ever in Atlanta, and being an end user of other staffing platforms. Because of this experience, our team deeply understands the staffing, payroll, and booking needs of today's modern workforce. Additionally, our engineering team is lead by Edwin Marcial, the CTO of ICE, the parent company of NYSE, bringing in enterprise experience while working with a highly adaptive and agile team.
Is InstaStaff a complete platform or can it be used a la carte?
InstaStaff offers a complete end-to-end platform but our solutions can be used independently and integrated with your current systems.
Can I white label this platform?
We can customize InstaStaff to look like your own platform, using your colors, your logos, and more -- making sure when your users log in, they see your name.
How can I access InstaStaff?
We can customize InstaStaff to look like your own platform, using your colors, your logos, and more -- making sure when your users log in, they see your name.
Can you handle W-2 withholdings?
Yes. One of best parts of InstaStaff is that we can handle on-demand, travel, and full-time staff with ease. We can automatically manage W-2 withholdings with InstaPay.
Do you integrate with our existing payroll platform?
Absolutely. We offer full exports that can be uploaded in most payroll systems. Additionally, you can track who has and hasn't been within our system even when using a third-party payroll provider.
What if I'd like to add a feature?
We are constantly improving and iterating on our platform to meet the most current needs of today's workforce and the needs of staffing managers. If you'd like to see a feature that doesn't already exist, we do offer professional services; however, if it is a feature that is currently on our development path or will benefit a lot of existing users, we will add it for free.

Built By Staffing Veterans & The Engineering Team Behind ICE (The Parent Company Of NYSE)

Our team has been on the front lines of staffing firms at all levels and our knowledge of this space runs deep because we have used, managed, and owned staffing firms.
We share the singular vision of making staffing management as easy as possible; rapidly adapting to the needs of an ever-evolving workforce.
Our engineering team represents several of the key players behind the development of ICE (the parent company of NYSE), including Edwin Marcial, the CTO of ICE.
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